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Sylvan Bird Park

If you’re the type of person that enjoys seeing endangered bird species in the wild, Sylvan Bird Park is a place you should consider visiting. Sylvan offers visitors a natural place to see waterfowl and many other types of birds that are rare or endangered in an environment that is protective. There have been people who have suggested these birds shouldn’t be in this kind of environment, but in my opinion, it is much better to see them in this environment that’s like a park than to see them stuffed in a museum.


A lot of careful thought went into making Sylvan Heights a wonderful experience for visitors young and old. It is also wonderful sanctuary for the birds living there. It is very well-maintained and pleasant with high nets and crystal clear water. The design has been maximized to keep all birds safe within the park.

If you are a photographer, you will appreciate not having to shoot through wire fencing. Photographers are able to move around inside an open area in the fence that gives them the ability to put their long lens through, as well as being able to move it around extensively. You will be provided a key that allows you into these areas, using your license as insurance to return it. To me, this is a great perk, allowing photographers to get the shot without the risk of the birds escaping in the process. Sylvan Heights did a wonderful job making this possible.

Another one of the things I enjoyed it Sylvan Heights is the ability to photograph or observe birds and waterfowl in the wild within the park itself. One area of the park that overlooks the wetland is Beaver Pond blind, a place allows you to photograph and observe many of the animals while you are safely in the blind. There is also the Treehouse, a wheelchair accessible platform with a large roof that is located over another large wetland.

If you are in the North Carolina area, it certainly consider taking a tour of Sylvan Heights. It is a wonderful experience for visitors young and old. You can click here for more information or visit them online.