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Taking a Tour of Amsterdam

The best way to tour new a city is on foot. This way you can see the sights, smell scents and see scenery first hand. As a pedestrian you can take in our favorite tours by walking in some of the most exciting cities in the world. Whether you focus on the history of food art or culture,there’s a tour for you. Amsterdam has flat compact,streets and it’s the best way to appreciate the 17th- century canals,and former industrial docklands.

city-bike-tour-photo-by-ams1Download an Amsterdam Map and Walks app. Instead of doing a tour by yourself, hire an expert that lives local to take you on the tour. The hungry bird tours allow you to sample the best street foods. Try some Dutch cheese,home baked cakes,and local beers. Give the selfies a rest and take some great pictures of the Amsterdam Photo Safari. Choose from nighttime or daytime tours and all photographers are welcome. All  native tours are relatively tourist free there you can see the most amazing graffiti and street art-also funky independent galleries. Learn about the Amsterdam’s history of WWII on this tour you can visit the traumatic site of the battle of Arnhem. Night watch walks, explore the fascinating story of Amsterdam’s famous artwork.

The Van Gogh Museum houses over 200 showing Van Gogh sketches that shows all his moods. Oude Kerk is an old Protestant church and has little houses that’s clinging to the sides that remains the heaven and the heart of the Red Light District. The Gothic- Renaissance style octagonal bell tower. An evening walk could be very interesting around the church. If you walk towards the middle of Amsterdam you will find the Anne Frank House. During WW11, it was the place where she wrote her famous diary that has turned into a book. Here she hid people from the Nazis for 2 years. Civic Guards Gallery: The best things in life are free, as the saying goes This is naturally lit and filled with old Dutch paintings and its freely open to the public. A large number of people visit Amsterdam because of the numerous attractions.