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Touring Jerusalem

The holy city is revered in Jerusalem by the human race. It is the King David City for the Jews for them David made his kingdom the capital, Its where The Temple stood as the Art of The Covenant. It is where Christ was crucified and rose from the dead for Christians,it is also the birthplace of the Church. Christian and Jewish Bibles have Jerusalem mentioned hundreds of times. It’s AL-Quds (“the holy”)for the Muslims for them the Prophet Muhammad was drawn up to heaven ,on his night journey from the Temple Mount. If you tour here you will find that Jerusalem is surrounded by valleys that’s very steep: On the south and west is the Hinnom, On the east is the Kidron. The history lies in deep layers many meters deep.

2614The Dome of the Rock is an Iconic symbol which stands on the mount of the temple also known as Mount Moriah ,the place God told Abraham to sacrifice his son as a test of faith. The modern city of the Holy land is faced with a cream-toned limestone, which spread north and west of the city. Today Jerusalem is not very large by international standards. The population was only 35,400 in 2007 at the time of Christ, It was estimated between 20,000 and 50,000. Intriguing sights In the city,with smells of the Arab markets the present and the past rub shoulders. Muslims are called to pray, rabbis and friars hurry by while Church bells ring in the distance.

In the heart Jerusalem the Old City is divided into four quarters. It is girded by a wall divided by four quarters, which all have names of the residents that live there. The largest of the Quarter is the Muslims theirs contain the Dome of the Rock,The Pools Bethesda and Al-Aqsa Mosque,and part of Via Dolorsa. The Christian Quarter has the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which contains the sites of Christ’s death, the burial and the resurrections and head quarters of 40 Buildings of religion that’s been Christian denominations. The western wall is the Jewish Quarter. Here you will find the only remnant of the Second Temple plaza and Judaism’s holiest place. The Jewish quarter is more modern and has sophisticated shopping plazas. They also have Archaeological remains in the museums and their parks. Lastly we have the Armenian Quarter. This place is a reminder that here was the first country to state that Christianity was the first religion. We can find here the Armenian Cathedral of St James. There’s is also a museum that’s holds the memory of the Armenian Holocaust from 1915-1923…I think it would be awesome to walk the streets that Jesus did.